Love Horses? Don’t Miss the Stallions of Austria on 5/9


Love horses?  You may want to check out the upcoming show Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria. Who'd have thought that these beautiful, world-famous creatures would ever be so close to our Plantation Gardens apartment community. The Lipizzaner Stallions will be arriving for three shows on May 9th, 10th and 11th. The tickets range in price from … [Read more...]

‘Opera in the Park’ Offers Free Songs and Snacks


Music and opera lovers should mark May 25th on their calendars. Opera in the Park is one of the most  popular musical events in Pinellas Park. Opera in the Park is being held at the Performing Arts Center and admission is free, so it will be a good idea to arrive early if you want to grab a good seat. Refreshments will be on sale and the singers will be … [Read more...]

Celebrate a Pinellas Park Cinco de Mayo at Señor Taco


Members of our community at Plantation Gardens apartments are always on the lookout for new events, and Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to go out on the town. If you're looking to spend a celebratory Pinellas Park Cinco de Mayo in 2014, why not consider a visit to Senor Taco, a local Mexican restaurant with a Mayan twist? The restaurant is situated just … [Read more...]

2014 Pinellas Park Memorial Day Ceremony at Freedom Park


Spring has arrived and that means it is time to start planning how to spend your Memorial Day weekend. For residents of our Plantation Gardens apartment community, this may be as easy as heading over to nearby Freedom Park for their Pinellas Park Memorial Day Ceremony. While many enjoy Memorial Day as a time to forget work and enjoy the company of their … [Read more...]

Seasonal Apartment Storage: A Month-by-Month Guide

kids room storage

Keeping on top of potential clutter doesn't have to be as overwhelming as you may think. At our Pinellas Park apartments at Plantation Gardens, we've found some great ways to keep storage problems at bay all year long. Here are a few of our favorite highlights for the upcoming months: April. Conquer the storage issues associated with laundry. … [Read more...]

3 Signs You’re Probably Hanging Artwork Wrong

hanging artwork

If you're happy with where your artwork is hanging, that's all that matters, but our apartments in Pinellas Park can be the perfect place for you to exercise your decorating skills to their fullest potential. Here are signs that you might be hanging your artwork wrong (and not even know it): Height. Try to avoid hanging your artwork as as high as … [Read more...]

Weekend Project: Using Curtains in Lieu of Headboards


Photo: Lucid Interior Design Inc. via Houzz The weekends can bring great DIY projects, and if you're looking for a way to personalize your space in our Pinellas Park apartments simply and for not a lot of money, consider using curtains in lieu of a headboard to bring style to your bedroom space. You can hang things from the walls without putting holes in … [Read more...]

Choose From 3 Unique One-Bedrooms at Plantation Gardens


If you have become frustrated in your search of one-bedroom apartments in Pinellas Park, believing that you will never find your perfect new apartment home, then we suggest you come and check out those available in our Plantation Gardens apartment community. With three distinctive one-bedroom floor plans to choose from, we are confident that you will find … [Read more...]

Eliminate Pollen at Our Community Car Care Center


Spring is the most enjoyable season but with it also comes pollen, which can be a nuisance especially for allergy sufferers. What's more, pollen has spikes that can scratch and damage the surface of your car. At the Community Car Center, we nicely wash your car and apply a coat of wax making it hard for pollen to stick on it. We clean the air filter that … [Read more...]

Soak Up Spring on Your Private Balcony at Plantation Gardens


Winter is finally over. Now is the perfect time to soak up the first rays of spring on your private balcony. Just one of many amenities of our apartments in Pinellas Park. The balcony is the perfect place to plant a little herb garden for the summer before it gets too hot out, relax with drinks after work, or entertain your friends on your balcony. Most of … [Read more...]